Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Touchgrind BMX review

Finally I am doing what is probably one of the biggest app store releases this year. Touchgrind BMX is the followup to the mack daddy of multi-touch games, Touchgrind. It was fun innovative and very entertaining. This ios game sequel or spin off which ever way you view it is great. It is fun, simple, and visually striking.This time around it is easier to play. No more of the seemingly random tricks. With time you should be pulling off multi trick combos with ease. This easier learning curve is a very nice touch. But, don't worry this game has multiple locations and bikes to unlock. No more stupid arena, now it's a long freestyle track. The locations are interesting and the bikes are varied. You can also unlock paint jobs to pimp out your bike collection even more. This is so much deeper than the original touch grind, that it finally justifies the $4.99 price tag. This time around it's worth every penny. So don't be scared off by the price because it is definitely worth the price. This game is a steal, and a definite center piece for every app collection. Whats next for illusion labs I would love to see a Touchgrind Aggresive Inline edition in the future. Think about how fun that could be. Also maybe a Touchgrind Snowboard, that would be fun. So pick this excellent game up now.  It also has feature which lets you directly upload your replays to YouTube through the app. 10/10

That's right Touchgrind BMX wins my first best of the month award.

So instead of doing the my usual cavalcade of screen shots here's one of my personal replays:

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