Wednesday, June 22, 2011

8-bit Rally review

This is a great game that will bring back memories from the 8-bit era. This is a lot like the nes classic Rad Racer. It makes a lot of improvements to the formula. It has this also track selection thing that is an 8 bit world map. It is almost worth buying it just for that. It has great tilt controls with touch controls on the way. It is a great balst from the past. As you power through seemingly endless amounts of opposing cars.  It is fun if you are fan of oldskool racing games from days gone by. The pixel art is jaw droppingly good and a must have for those who consider them selves retro fanboys. The best retro racer on the appstore. Also it has a run on the being the best racer around. Featuring a great upgrade system and customizations to keep any gamer busy. Having to buy refills for nos. This game blends the old with the new adding retro gaming play with modern money managing and customizing. The music is some of the best chiptunes around. Insta buy 9/10. Great on the go retro gaming.


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