Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tecno Kitten Adventure Review

Techno Kitten Adventure to simply put it is the Internet all rolled up into one game. Yup the distractions,cats,techno,uselessness,pointless,shiny-ness is all present in this game. This game was originally released for the Xbox 360 through Xbox live were it gained some notoriety. Now it's on iOS devices.  It's fun helicopter type game with game play similar to i-copter. With a twist being awesome crazy distraction everything from pulsating rave lights to the foot from Monty python. It's a lot of chaos going on screen. The key is to ignore the back ground goings ons and focus and flying your cat through the cave. The game is only fully unlocked through in app purchases. Yup the initial download is just a lite version allowing you to unlock all the episodes at a buck a pop it's not overly pricey. There are currently three episodes. If your on the fence play the lite version and pick the episode that you like the most. It's fun game that's not for everyone. The graphics are cool and almost flash gamey and the controls are just one touch controls press to go up let go to go down it works great and looks and sounds good. The music is decent techno music I mean who knew there was such a thing all techno has been crap since Kraftwerk. 7/10 fun but not the right game for everyone.

Screenshots hooray!
iPhone Screenshot 1

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