Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This is now a nintendo blog

I got a 3ds yesterday and that meant getting rid of my ipod so if your here for ios reviews check my older posts. The 3ds is a great device and a recomendation to any nintendo fanboy. The 3d is stunning and alot of great games are on the horizon.

Yep I got an aqua blue 3ds and it is sweet. Expect a full review soon.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hard Racing Review


This game has loads of tongue and cheek puns like the ones above. It insults you when you select easy.  It is good racing game with loads of personality. The game is a good top down racer but it has a great option of choosing your perspective.  The game is cool I especially enjoy the little touches that the developer included like a train that crosses your path and other animated scenery. The car in the game is pretty and an awesome muscle car. This game is brutally hard but if your willing to brave the difficulty your in for a rewarding featuring solid controls and great environment. The AI racers are a little dull though like once one ran into the wall and just keep going straight not reversing backwards out of the wall. He stayed stuck on the wall for the whole race. Other than that this is one of the better racing titles on the app store and a good addition to any collection. 7/10 Good game.


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

8-bit Rally review

This is a great game that will bring back memories from the 8-bit era. This is a lot like the nes classic Rad Racer. It makes a lot of improvements to the formula. It has this also track selection thing that is an 8 bit world map. It is almost worth buying it just for that. It has great tilt controls with touch controls on the way. It is a great balst from the past. As you power through seemingly endless amounts of opposing cars.  It is fun if you are fan of oldskool racing games from days gone by. The pixel art is jaw droppingly good and a must have for those who consider them selves retro fanboys. The best retro racer on the appstore. Also it has a run on the being the best racer around. Featuring a great upgrade system and customizations to keep any gamer busy. Having to buy refills for nos. This game blends the old with the new adding retro gaming play with modern money managing and customizing. The music is some of the best chiptunes around. Insta buy 9/10. Great on the go retro gaming.


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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Match Panic Review

A fun simple hard game. Nice retro sound and graphics. This so simple yet very well executed. The controls are responsive and a fun and very well integrated into the touch interface. not much to say you match the sprites by tapping the left or the right side of the screen. Yep no animation just a simple sorting game. But the trick comes in trying to get perfection while keeping the speed necessary to beat the level. Yes this is the best speed sorting game that I have ever played. The sprite design is great and it is an all around great game. 8/10 Great on the go game.


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GeoSociety Review

Finally Pokemon on iOS. Monster collecting on the go. This is a good game and definitely the thing that you need to scratch that itch. This is my new favourite game and the developer has promised to fix some of the minor issues with the game. Fun a good variety of monsters to collect. Brings back memories from those of my generation. It's fun with a similar game play to Pokemon. Not totally for the  kiddies though. This is like hardcore Pokemon. All your favourite monster types all are here, fire, water,grass,earth and many more. Tons of attacks and mutations to progress your monsters. Monster breeding is on it's way to. This sorta of the beta version now with many improvements on the way. Finally is really the only way to describe my feelings. The Developer is adding online trading and running shoes. Right now portrait mode is your only option. But he is doing away with portrait mode in favour of an all landscape mode. It has fun game play and is a full featured monster collector. So come and join the GeoSociety. This is a breath of fresh and not a mindless clone.
One of the best games on the app store right now.  9/10 Deep featured game play with new features on their way. Definitely a contender for best game of the month.


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I should have video review up by Wednesday night.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Derby Surf and Crazy Troubles Review

Wow were to start these game are just bad. I going to do them both at once just to get it done. Okay Derby surf is a simple get things to increase your BTS . Tilt controls are awful and jerky. The english translation is terrible. This game has no hit detection and it sucks. This game sucks avoid this at all cost. Also the fake stock reviews written in the same jerky non sensical english are all five stars. Now moving on to the suck basket crazy troubles. Wow the name is so exiciting. Man those troubles sure were crazy. The controls are crap and the animation ha there is no animation. No platforming when a plaforming section come up the computer takes control. Also there is literally no variety in the attacks that you can deliver. these to games are the worst of the worst. 1/10 They are inducted into the I-hate list

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tecno Kitten Adventure Review

Techno Kitten Adventure to simply put it is the Internet all rolled up into one game. Yup the distractions,cats,techno,uselessness,pointless,shiny-ness is all present in this game. This game was originally released for the Xbox 360 through Xbox live were it gained some notoriety. Now it's on iOS devices.  It's fun helicopter type game with game play similar to i-copter. With a twist being awesome crazy distraction everything from pulsating rave lights to the foot from Monty python. It's a lot of chaos going on screen. The key is to ignore the back ground goings ons and focus and flying your cat through the cave. The game is only fully unlocked through in app purchases. Yup the initial download is just a lite version allowing you to unlock all the episodes at a buck a pop it's not overly pricey. There are currently three episodes. If your on the fence play the lite version and pick the episode that you like the most. It's fun game that's not for everyone. The graphics are cool and almost flash gamey and the controls are just one touch controls press to go up let go to go down it works great and looks and sounds good. The music is decent techno music I mean who knew there was such a thing all techno has been crap since Kraftwerk. 7/10 fun but not the right game for everyone.

Screenshots hooray!
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Choco Boy Review

Choco boy is a platformering game that is sorta like Super Meat Boy. That also means that it is brutally hard. It has a nice retro feel to it. You are in control of a brick of chocolate. It's a one button or should it be one touch game. But before you hardcore gamers are already clicking off of the page, this game is no Tiny Birds this is a hard game like Megaman times 10 hard.It's an awesome game that will have you fusterated for hours. Awesome handrawn style graphics mixed with some cool Chiptunes. Cool game that's great for on the go, providing bite size levels that pack a punch. 9/10 Still not convinced did I mention chocolate.

Instead of screenshot here's a shiny new video review:

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Mech Attack

Yes the mechs have invaded the appstore and you can count on us to sort out the blast from the crap.

First up Metal Wars

Metal wars is a great game for $0.99 and definitely worth picking up. The Mechs are cool with some nice customization features. The controls are good and the game play is what you would expect.  Fun game when you have the need for some splosions.  8/10 Mech-a-licous It's not Gundam but it's good.


Metal Wars 2: Revolution

Wow did they make some changes. If your not like me and want to have both for some weird OCD reason. If you just want one this is the one mech game you need. Excellent with improvements in every area including a aiming system where you can aim on both the X and Y axis. Bottom line buy it now it's the best mech game ever. 9/10 Holy Mech Batman


And finally Deathcop

It's now where near the quality of the games previously mentioned. On the mech side of things this is the bottom of the barrel. Get something else everything is bad about this game. 2/10 Pass

Screen shots not necessary

So there are a few good mech games on the appstore.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Arno the Hunter Review

Arno the hunter is a fun game. It has a cool fantasy motif to it.
It is a stylized game that is worth a play through. The controls are great and the graphics are beautiful. You move your character by tilting your device left or right to move your guy. You shoot by flicking in the direction you want it to go. Fun casual game for the hard core gamer. This game is a hard game but not impossible it has that oldskool difficulty to it and is definitely worth buying and playing through.

Here's my video review:

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hardlines video review

Here's my video review of Hardlines for iOS devices:

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dream:scape review

Okay this game is a pretty big deal. It is one of the first Unreal engine games. It is a beutiful game. The graphics and visuals are absolutly stunning. The combination of the vast empty landscape and the haunting voiceovers create a top notch erie experiance. It is huge giving your very own thirty acre open world dreamscape to wander. You are not just simply remincsing of happy memories but you also have to face the fearsome guardians of memory. It has a certian ambience that is hard to achieve in a game. It is more of an experiance like Super Brothers Sword and Sworcery Ep. From what people are saying it is about a five hour experience and for $1.99 it is a steal. IT is beatiful an deep as you unravel your memories and unlock your Dream:scape. 10/10 Wow just wow this is an amazing game that you need to get. Check out my video review on youtube that should be up by Friday. I'll also post it here when it's done. Epic game and it'll be the best $1.99 you can spend. Also if you are wondering if your device will work with this app download the free tech demo Castlerama first to see if your device is capable of playing Unreal Engine games.

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Blob Jumpers Review

Blob Jumpers is an interesting game. It has a similar visual style to such games as World of goo or other similar hand drawn games. It is too simply put it a stunningly beautiful game. It is hard. I was getting my butt kicked in testing this game and that's a major problem for a pickup and play game. I think that it might be the controls. It's a fun little game if you can live with the control issues. It was a little un-responsive for me. It could be a great game if the developer lessened the difficulty and made the controls tighter. A game with loads of potential but for me it just falls flat. Not terrible but not great. 6.5/10 Mediocre


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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tofu trials of chi review

This is like sling from miniclip crossed over with a brutal platformer like megaman or super meat boy.  You control your character, a piece of tofu, by using the sling gameplay mechanic. You fling him around avoiding spikes and other obstacles. You also have to collect glowing dots or chi. This a hard fun game, the tofu guy is ultra cute and funny. He bows and sneezes and has alot of cool character animations. This is a great fun pick up and play game that is tottally unique and worth the dollar. 10/10 not a single problem with it and is one of the best games on the app store right now. It's a great ios game and one of the best $0.99 game on the appstore ever.

This wins my Silver award of excellence.

Screenshots Woohoo!

It's a great game and a definate pickup.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Touchgrind BMX review

Finally I am doing what is probably one of the biggest app store releases this year. Touchgrind BMX is the followup to the mack daddy of multi-touch games, Touchgrind. It was fun innovative and very entertaining. This ios game sequel or spin off which ever way you view it is great. It is fun, simple, and visually striking.This time around it is easier to play. No more of the seemingly random tricks. With time you should be pulling off multi trick combos with ease. This easier learning curve is a very nice touch. But, don't worry this game has multiple locations and bikes to unlock. No more stupid arena, now it's a long freestyle track. The locations are interesting and the bikes are varied. You can also unlock paint jobs to pimp out your bike collection even more. This is so much deeper than the original touch grind, that it finally justifies the $4.99 price tag. This time around it's worth every penny. So don't be scared off by the price because it is definitely worth the price. This game is a steal, and a definite center piece for every app collection. Whats next for illusion labs I would love to see a Touchgrind Aggresive Inline edition in the future. Think about how fun that could be. Also maybe a Touchgrind Snowboard, that would be fun. So pick this excellent game up now.  It also has feature which lets you directly upload your replays to YouTube through the app. 10/10

That's right Touchgrind BMX wins my first best of the month award.

So instead of doing the my usual cavalcade of screen shots here's one of my personal replays:

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