Friday, June 24, 2011

Hard Racing Review


This game has loads of tongue and cheek puns like the ones above. It insults you when you select easy.  It is good racing game with loads of personality. The game is a good top down racer but it has a great option of choosing your perspective.  The game is cool I especially enjoy the little touches that the developer included like a train that crosses your path and other animated scenery. The car in the game is pretty and an awesome muscle car. This game is brutally hard but if your willing to brave the difficulty your in for a rewarding featuring solid controls and great environment. The AI racers are a little dull though like once one ran into the wall and just keep going straight not reversing backwards out of the wall. He stayed stuck on the wall for the whole race. Other than that this is one of the better racing titles on the app store and a good addition to any collection. 7/10 Good game.


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