Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tofu trials of chi review

This is like sling from miniclip crossed over with a brutal platformer like megaman or super meat boy.  You control your character, a piece of tofu, by using the sling gameplay mechanic. You fling him around avoiding spikes and other obstacles. You also have to collect glowing dots or chi. This a hard fun game, the tofu guy is ultra cute and funny. He bows and sneezes and has alot of cool character animations. This is a great fun pick up and play game that is tottally unique and worth the dollar. 10/10 not a single problem with it and is one of the best games on the app store right now. It's a great ios game and one of the best $0.99 game on the appstore ever.

This wins my Silver award of excellence.

Screenshots Woohoo!

It's a great game and a definate pickup.

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