Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dream:scape review

Okay this game is a pretty big deal. It is one of the first Unreal engine games. It is a beutiful game. The graphics and visuals are absolutly stunning. The combination of the vast empty landscape and the haunting voiceovers create a top notch erie experiance. It is huge giving your very own thirty acre open world dreamscape to wander. You are not just simply remincsing of happy memories but you also have to face the fearsome guardians of memory. It has a certian ambience that is hard to achieve in a game. It is more of an experiance like Super Brothers Sword and Sworcery Ep. From what people are saying it is about a five hour experience and for $1.99 it is a steal. IT is beatiful an deep as you unravel your memories and unlock your Dream:scape. 10/10 Wow just wow this is an amazing game that you need to get. Check out my video review on youtube that should be up by Friday. I'll also post it here when it's done. Epic game and it'll be the best $1.99 you can spend. Also if you are wondering if your device will work with this app download the free tech demo Castlerama first to see if your device is capable of playing Unreal Engine games.

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