Monday, June 20, 2011

Derby Surf and Crazy Troubles Review

Wow were to start these game are just bad. I going to do them both at once just to get it done. Okay Derby surf is a simple get things to increase your BTS . Tilt controls are awful and jerky. The english translation is terrible. This game has no hit detection and it sucks. This game sucks avoid this at all cost. Also the fake stock reviews written in the same jerky non sensical english are all five stars. Now moving on to the suck basket crazy troubles. Wow the name is so exiciting. Man those troubles sure were crazy. The controls are crap and the animation ha there is no animation. No platforming when a plaforming section come up the computer takes control. Also there is literally no variety in the attacks that you can deliver. these to games are the worst of the worst. 1/10 They are inducted into the I-hate list

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