Friday, June 17, 2011

Mech Attack

Yes the mechs have invaded the appstore and you can count on us to sort out the blast from the crap.

First up Metal Wars

Metal wars is a great game for $0.99 and definitely worth picking up. The Mechs are cool with some nice customization features. The controls are good and the game play is what you would expect.  Fun game when you have the need for some splosions.  8/10 Mech-a-licous It's not Gundam but it's good.


Metal Wars 2: Revolution

Wow did they make some changes. If your not like me and want to have both for some weird OCD reason. If you just want one this is the one mech game you need. Excellent with improvements in every area including a aiming system where you can aim on both the X and Y axis. Bottom line buy it now it's the best mech game ever. 9/10 Holy Mech Batman


And finally Deathcop

It's now where near the quality of the games previously mentioned. On the mech side of things this is the bottom of the barrel. Get something else everything is bad about this game. 2/10 Pass

Screen shots not necessary

So there are a few good mech games on the appstore.

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