Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GeoSociety Review

Finally Pokemon on iOS. Monster collecting on the go. This is a good game and definitely the thing that you need to scratch that itch. This is my new favourite game and the developer has promised to fix some of the minor issues with the game. Fun a good variety of monsters to collect. Brings back memories from those of my generation. It's fun with a similar game play to Pokemon. Not totally for the  kiddies though. This is like hardcore Pokemon. All your favourite monster types all are here, fire, water,grass,earth and many more. Tons of attacks and mutations to progress your monsters. Monster breeding is on it's way to. This sorta of the beta version now with many improvements on the way. Finally is really the only way to describe my feelings. The Developer is adding online trading and running shoes. Right now portrait mode is your only option. But he is doing away with portrait mode in favour of an all landscape mode. It has fun game play and is a full featured monster collector. So come and join the GeoSociety. This is a breath of fresh and not a mindless clone.
One of the best games on the app store right now.  9/10 Deep featured game play with new features on their way. Definitely a contender for best game of the month.


Itunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/geosociety/id441449501?mt=8

I should have video review up by Wednesday night.

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