Tuesday, May 31, 2011

200 veiws spectacular

Yet another review a thon

DaWindci review

DaWindci is a fun game in the line drawing catergory. It has a pretty art style. This game has you guiding a hot air bloon through diffrent enviroments. You control the bloon by drawing lines on the screen. The longer the line the faster the wind so the faster the bloon goes. Fun game that has a definite Da vinci motief. I recomend this game it is a fun well put together game. 8/10 A great game and a fun pick up and play game with a more artistic art style that is not as kiddish as angry birds. A definate pick up.

World of daWindci 1       World of daWindci 2     World of daWindci 3

Map of daWindci      World of daWindci 7      "Shop" of daWindci

Animal Lab

Is not a game but rather just an app. It is a fun animal combinor app. Fun to play around with a kid would difinately enjoy this app. Good app to entertain kids. 6/10

iPhone Screenshot 1

iPhone Screenshot 2

iPhone Screenshot 5


Is a fun simple mini golf game. It is just a mini golf game. It is the best top down 2d mini golf game. I personnally prefer this type of mini golf game to it's 3d brethren. A definate pick up it works perfectally and is a fun mini golf game. 7/10

iPhone Screenshot 1

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And finally since this seems to be bringing in the audience I'll do a quick review of The problem Solvers

The problem solvers is a quirky show on cartoon network. I love the pixel art motiefs that pop up frequently through out the show. It is funny especially Alfe. Alfe is a gaint brown hairy thing.  They solve problems. There is Alfe, Roba a robot boy, and Horace a boy. A fun game with a wacky visual style and an off the wall sense of humow. A definate watch for the fan of cartoons. It has the most unique visual style I have seen out of a cartoon network show yet. I love the style of this show. Watch it, watch it  now.

Heres a clip: 

Well thats it for now.

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