Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Air Battle of Britian review

This game is the bomb. It is made by the same devolper as Warbirds Spitfire but it has these awesome retro cutscenes that appear to be actual news updates from WWII. Theres not much I can say then how amazing and deep this one is wow. These guys do an amazing job of a dogfighting sim. It is action packed and like I said before doesn't have the innaccuracies of Skies of Glory. In this one you fight the right planes, not zeros over europe like in the aforementioned Skies of glory. The bottom line buy this one for single player and play Skies of Glory for your multiplayer needs. 9/10 this one scores huge bonus points for the for the cutscenes. This game rocks please go support the devolper and buy it.
Itunes link:
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And finnally a trailer:

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