Monday, May 16, 2011

The I hate list

This is a list of what I consider to be terrible terrible apps and games.
Get ready for the slew of pee you
The gigabytes full of garbage
Becuase this is the list you don't want to play.

Number 1


iPhone Screenshot 2
You now the guy who made this was like dude I am so going to make a game that should be free like a hundred dollars becuase people will buy it becuase it is happy -ville

iPhone Screenshot 1

Wow these graphics were so worth going into bankruptcy.
Well, they should of called it crappyville. This is a terrible farmville rip off that is no where near freemium. Good luck finding your friends on this game becuase with it's intial release price of $100 nobody could afford it. It still has all the freemium bs though including haveing to purchase gold. You could litterally buy a real farm rather than squander your money away on this travesity of a game I guess it what you would call it. Avoid this game at all costs.

Happyville this goes out to you

Don't worry happyville so you are a bad game

Stay tuned for more craptacular digital doo doos.

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