Sunday, May 22, 2011

107 veiws spectacular

We have hit 107 views woo hoo. To celebrate I am going to do a review-a-thon 3000. So strap in and keep your eyeballs glued to the screen becuase the reviews are coming fast at you.

Warbirds Spitfire Review:
Yay another in the warbirds line. I love these games. Buy at least one of them becuase these are gems. Pick your favourite plane and battle away. 9/10


Destructopus Review

This game is amazing. I love to destroy things and what better way than as a lobster octopus giant Toho studio style monster. This game is fun and has a lot of heart in it, if you were despionted  by fingerzilla. Then look no farther for a grat monster game. Also beutiful bit graphics. 10/10

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Hipster city cycle review

A great satire comedy game with a sole purpose to mock hipsters oh how ironic. Buy it if soley for the art work. Gameplay is decent but not very deep. 7/11 Oh it's not out of ten thats ironic, I guess.


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